Monetization of financial instruments

TCC company  helps along with the monetization of financial instruments by TOP 50 rated international banks: BANK GUARANTEE-BGCertificate of Deposit-CD, STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT - SBLC (for purchase and leasing), DLC, BANK DRAFT ,LTV- 45% - 90% (according to the rating of financial institutions issuing the financial instruments ). The time of credit of funds to customer - up to 72 hours after verification of financial instrument. Considering amounts are from 10 M Dollars USA.

Monetization of financial instruments procedure

1) Buyer submits to provider this signed Agreement, together with client information sheet, corporate board resolution, non-solicitation letter, signatory's passport copy, corporate registration and the irrevocable master fee protection agreement and pay order.

2) After completed due deligence, provider countersigns this agreement and it thus becomes a full recourse commercial contract and returns it to buyer, along with provider‘s full banking coordinates and the signatory’s passport copy,

3) Within five (5) banking days upon signed contract both parties, party provider should instruct his bank swift a pre-advice via SWIFT MT 799 (Appendix A) to receiver bank and send copy via email.

4) Within five (5) banking days after received confirmation pre-advice via SWIFT MT 799 (Appendix A), party receiver should instruct his receiver bank to send to party provider designated bank receiving account with full bank responsibility, a bank payment undertaking swift mt 799 (Appendix B) and send copy via email.

5) Within five (5) banking days party provider bank receipt and confirmed of the bank payment undertaking swift MT799 (Appendix B), party provider’s instruct his bank sends the Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) via SWIFT MT760 (Appendix C) to buyer‘s designated bank receiving account. (Party A shall provide a copy of said MT-760 to party buyer for tracing).

6) Within five (5) banking days after confirmation of the above MT760 SBLC, party buyer’s paying bank shall release the agreed funds to party provider’s designated bank account via MT103, and provider will simultaneously pays 90+2% of face value of each tranche as consultancy fees/commission to the consultants as per the relevant irrevocable master fee protection agreement.

7) Within seven (7) banking days of receipt of agreed payments, provider’s bank shall send the SBLC hard copy original to buyer’s designated receiving bank account by bank bonded courier.

8) All subsequent tranches will be based on the same procedures or agreed by both parties, until collateral or funds become exhausted.

9) Should party receiver default to pay the purchase price to the party provider and the intermediaries fees as agreed on this contract within the allowed number of days on authentication of SWIFT MT-760, the provider shall instruct bank to put a claim on the bank instrument thereby forcing the lending bank to return the bank instrument, SWIFT MT-760 to the provider’s issuing bank. And penalty 2%.